Cost of Membership

One-time Initiation Fee: $35.00
Standard Membership: $50.00 per year.
(incl. 4 art images, already in digital format )
Additional art images: $10.00 US per year.

Flat fee for altering site (includes any text changes): $20.00
Change image (in addition to flat fee) per image changed: $10.00 per image.

Add image: $10.00
If we have to scan
: $20.00
Shipping & Handling (for returning photos, etc.): $5

Submission Requirements

It is very easy to have your site up and running on the United Artists Group site.You need only provide the following.

An image (ideally a photographic print) for each piece of artwork up to a maximum of 9"x11" (3" x 5"’s are more than adequate). 35-mm slides are acceptable but transparencies other than 35-mm slides are unacceptable. Be sure to clearly mark each photo with your name, the title of the piece, the year it was completed, its dimensions, and the subject species represented. Alternatively, you may send your images on disk or as an attached e-mail file in jpeg format (limit file size to 40K per image). Each image must be accompanied by all information previously mentioned.