Submission Requirements, cont.

Include the following information as it should appear on your home page (please print).

Name (yours or your agent/gallery)
Tel. #
Fax #
E-mail (if any)
Current Home Page Address (if any)
List up to 4 organizations you are a member of
Do you accept commissions? (Yes/No)

Include a biography. You may include a written (paragraph-form) biography of yourself up to 1000 words in length. This text must be provided in one of the two formats (in order of preference): (A) Via e-mail, cut and pasted directly into the e-mail text, (or as an attached text file). (B) On disk as a text file.

(Any submissions not complying with these specifications are subject to a $25 charge)

A self-portrait of yourself (photograph or other) in one of the formats outlined above.

A cheque or money order for the total amount for one year’s subscription, payable to United Photo, Inc. (See above for current price list). Please allow 2-4 weeks for your site to be operational.